An overwhelming majority of our high school graduates and even some college graduates are unable to compete for good paying jobs. Additionally, they often lack the skills necessary to consider self-employment (offer legitimate products or services directly to the public). The knowledge and skills acquired from our community solutions will make it possible for members of our community to explore self-employment as a realistic alternative. For those not seeking self-employment, the skills will increase their value on the job market, making it easier to secure good paying jobs.

Our community solutions include cost-effective and aggressive advertising campaigns to encourage individual spending on educational/vocational books, particularly books that teach a skill. We will use focus-group-tested ads in LED illuminated displays to help to achieve this goal.

A similar advertising campaign to deter crime is in development.

For those of us who are looking for entrepreneurship opportunities, we plan on hosting a number of seminars, which will offer ideas for low startup cost businesses and will include practical ideas for funding and effective management.

We believe our most important and ambitious project is our Life Skills Learning Centers. These centers, which will be located in local public libraries, will teach adults and high school students in our toughest schools, critical life skills, together with important information required to be productive citizens. Skills and information will include conflict resolution, basic law, money management, birth control, and even a The ABCs of Dating course to help our teens and young adults intelligently assess potential partners.

We are equally excited about our plans to distribute vocational books to members of our community, which we expect to encourage entrepreneurship and to encourage unemployed individuals to enter various fields. Supplemental training from industry professionals via seminars will help to cement the knowledge and give our recipients opportunities to ask questions. Incentives to encourage people to read these books will also follow.

Please reach out to us if you are a qualified and would like to volunteer to help develop and implement our community solutions.

Bringing both sides together is a first step in resolving discord between the police department and the community. However, we want to start to address the many issues that weaken us as a community and keep us from enjoying a higher standard of living. These issues range from unemployment/poverty to single parent homes/weak families.